Our values as an Alliance 

Partnership working

  • We are all working within a bio-psycho-social model of understanding mental health and mental health problems. Solutions for improved wellbeing are located within and beyond the disciplines of neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology and social work. Similarly cross sector partnerships are vital for achieving parity of esteem for mental and physical health.
  • We believe members of the Alliance provide a stronger voice as a collective than individual organisations alone, and seek to work together to promote the value and importance of mental health research.

Delivering better outcomes and prioritising research

  • We believe research activities will impact people’s lives and are an essential mechanism for improving local, national and global mental health. We believe in the importance of relevant, high quality, multi-disciplinary research for delivering better outcomes for individuals, families, communities and society.
  • We believe that many stakeholders need to be involved in prioritising what research is funded – people with mental health problems, families and carers, academic researchers, practitioners, commissioners, policy makers and the public who all have a stake in improved mental health and wellbeing. We are also committed to promoting robust commissioning and review practices to ensure the highest standards of research and ethical research practices are delivered.

Making a difference to society

  • We believe research should always consider the practical impact of its work – what difference will it make to society and the individual?

Involving experts by experience

  • We believe lived experience expertise is a core component of mental health research and seek to promote and develop best practice in public and patient involvement (PPI) in research.

Building research capacity

  • We believe in the importance of building research capacity and our member organisations seek to promote the development of a mental health research expert workforce in the UK.