Case for Research

We believe mental health research is important. We believe that better quality research, and more research, is needed to answer questions that are important to people affected by mental health problems, their families and friends, and the people working to support them across the health and social care sector and beyond. Mental ill-health impacts on all aspects of peoples’ lives. We need mental health research because it saves lives and benefits the whole of our society by generating social and economic benefits that contribute to thriving communities built upon resilience, reduced levels of mental ill-health and less stigma and discrimination. Research provides hope that future generations living with mental health problems will be supported and treated differently, to enjoy better health and longer, more fulfilling lives. We need new solutions and approaches to prevent, treat, support and care ensuring our society is managing wellbeing, promoting mental health and treating mental ill-health using up to date knowledge of best practice.

Mental health research is important because:
  • Mental health problems account for a quarter of all ill-health in the UK yet they get less than 6% of all health research funding. 
    • One in 10 young people are affected by mental health issues 
    • The economic and social cost of mental health problems in England is £105 billion. British business loses £26 billion a year to untreated mental health problems in the workforce. 
  • We do not understand enough about all of the causes of mental health problems, how we might prevent them, and how and why treatments and interventions work. 
    • Currently, three-quarters of people with a mental health problem receive no treatment or support. 
    • Suicide is now the most common cause of death in young men in the UK. 
Mental health research can significantly improve people’s lives by finding and testing new ways of preventing and treating mental ill-health.