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General Election 2017

The 2017 General Election is happening against the backdrop of unprecedented public interest in mental health and determination that the current situation cannot continue. The AMHRF is calling on all the political parties to commit to taking the action on mental health research that is required. We are asking them to pledge to:
  1. Redress the current and historic imbalance in public sector research funding that undermine commitments to parity of esteem for mental health problems; and to work with the charity sector to catalyse charitable giving for mental health research.

  2. Invest in a broad vision of mental health research that is transdisciplinary and promotes the voices of people affected by mental health problems and the communities at greatest risk.

  3. Commit to unblocking the barriers to research. Mental health affects all aspects of public policy. Without better data sharing between different parts of the public sector it will not be possible to address the role of physical health services, social care, housing, education and the justice system in promoting good mental health and understand the costs of poor mental health to them.

  4. Give priority to the research that will make the biggest difference to people’s lives, and that the people affected by mental health problems will be at the heart of deciding those priorities. We know that the biggest current gaps include children and young people’s mental health, and the most effective ways to prevent mental health problems developing and how to promote positive mental well-being.

You can download our open letter to the parties' health spokespeople below. Please ask your local candidates to sign up to the pledges, and let us know how they respond by emailing contact@amhrf.org.uk